The Prestando group is a company that specialises in product development, tool engineering and the manufacturing of pressed and laser-cut components designed for, among others, the auto industry. With our considerable experience of processing thick materials, we have today forged a unique position in the market.

We currently have operations in Sweden and China and therefore, by having a local presence in our customers’ main markets, we can offer high-quality products and rapid deliveries. Prestando works both with OEM and ODM customers and 80% of the company’s total production goes to export.

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Key dates

1947 - OGO founded in Kalmar
1954 - First orders from Volvo and Scania
1959 - Prestando founded in Trelleborg
1991 - First export order received
2006 - Prestando merges with OGO
2008 - Prestando starts up a plant in China